Going Underground

By Alan

In Novemeber 2010 members of the Jesus Christians led by David Mckay (JCDM) of whom I was a member at the time, were told we should go underground with urgency. 


Dave had convinced the community that his crtics (enemies) were a real danger and that we needed to deceive them into thinking that we no longer existed as a community.


When praying about the decision, I had a revelation about sheep straying out of a sheep fold to explore the fresh green hill sides and find new pasture.  Most of the sheep went back into the sheepfold, but some left.  I thought at the time God was saying we should be prepared to be moving into these fresh new experiences to broaden our outreach and faith rather than being squashed in the fold.  This did not fit in with what the leadership of the Jesus Christians led by Dave Mckay (JCDM) was saying.   Another interpretation was given to my revelation by Dave.  That interpretation was that the sheep going out into the fields were actually rebelling and that those sheep who did so would be locked out of the sheep fold to their peril.   Everyone else seemed to agree with this interpretation, so I went along with it too.   As I was one of the newest members, I wasn't sure I had got it right.  In hindsight, I think my original interpretation was the right one for me.  That is, God was encouraging me that I would be leaving the community but that he would provide what I needed. 


There were a few voices, Rols, Sue and Ross, three of the longer serving members of the community, who questioned and disagreed with the leadership.   For questioning the leadership they were immediately cut off.   We were told that as part of the going underground process we were to cut off all contact with our crtics and friends and contacts alike.  Those friends and the three who questioned this plan were put into the same category as the critics.  We were told not to communicate with them as any of them would be leaking information which we wanted kept hidden. 


Although now it is easy to see how we treated those friends and fellow members was wrong, at the time I went along with all the other JC's in this plan. 


We made special efforts not to go to places where we would come into contact with our friends and ex-community members like Roland and Sue.  We all changed our names, phone numbers and our email addressses and any contact with friends or contacts outside of our community had to be through Dave Mckay.   However, I was allowed to communicate with my wife and solicitor directly, due to a divorce settlement being underway. 


We were counselled to speak to relations if they contacted us first, but not to tell them what was really going on.  (They too might be possible sources of leaks to our critics).  There was a statement written by Dave that was put out by the various teams to any email contact who wrote to us stating that The Jesus Christians have officially disbanded.   Dave and Cherry would be contacted as the only surviving members of the movement.