A little about ourselves...  We are a remnant of the Jesus Christians community that falsely claimed to have disbanded in November 2010.  In actual fact the leader of the group, David Mckay, excommunicated four  of us who were some of the most experienced long term members of the Jesus Christians, and persuaded the rest of the group to go "underground", changing names and cutting off links to all previous contacts. David Mckay and his followers deliberately deceived the public by announcing the Jesus Christians had "disbanded". The group has always maintained a hierarchical organisation loyal to Mckay's self proclaimed "divine authority" and has since publicly emerged as the anonymous "End Time Survivors" "movement" which is led by "A Voice in the Desert" who... (you guessed it) is none other than David Mckay.  The ETS "movement" seeks to remain anonymous and thus hide all the documented history of them being the Jesus Christians. 

Back to ourselves, we are against greed, hierarchies and hypocrisy and are in favour of living simply, equality, freedom to follow one's own conscience thus respecting dissent, honesty, non violence, sustainability and practical love.

We are involved in various projects ranging from supporting Wikileaks and whistle-blowers, practising and promoting living organ donations, publishing our own magazine, doing various free (voluntary) work, guerilla gardening, freeganism, recycling projects and music. 


This website has moved to the Making it Real website.  Click on link....